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The BT-12 (Balanced Tilter 12°)

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Thank you for purchasing the BT-12. I am confident you will enjoy its ease of use and uncompromised safety, when tilting your PA loudspeaker.
The BT-12 is a unique adapter for tilting pole mounted loudspeaker cabs, while maintaining the loudspeaker’s Center Of Gravity over the center of pole.
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Important notes:instruct
  1. The BT-12 should not be disassembled, modified, or altered in any way.
  2. Before every use, always check for any damaged, loose or missing parts. DO NOT use a unit that appears to be defective or has missing parts.
  3. The BT-12 is designed to support and tilt a loudspeaker weighing not more than 45kg (100lb). DO NOT exceed this weight limit.
  4. Make sure your loudspeaker stand is capable of supporting the total weight of the BT-12's 1.7kg (3.75lb) AND the weight of the loudspeaker.
  5. When changing the tilt angle of the BT-12, avoid placing fingers other then on the tilt lever and/or the tightening knobs. Some spaces contract as result of changing the tilt angle and may cause injury.
  6. When not in use, always have the BT-12 set and locked at zero tilt
  7. Always install and uninstall a loudspeaker on to or off the BT-12 when it is secured to the loudspeaker stand (pole lock knob is tightened) and locked at zero tilt.
  8. All regular and basic safety and precaution measures when setting up a loudspeaker on a stand should be conducted.

The BT-12's 'balancing principle' is true for loudspeakers having their Center Of Gravity (COG) height between 200 and 370mm (8" – 14.5") from the bottom of the cab, though even loudspeakers with higher COG and/or one that is not in line with the ‘top hat’ will benefit from a reduced COG shift caused by tilting.


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Operating Instructions:

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