Optional Laser Pointer Quick Mount

For fast and accurate aiming of your loudspeakers

This special Quick Mount is available as an accessory to the BT-12.

Quick Mount

The Quick Mount enables attaching a regular pen-type laser pointer to the top tilting base of the BT-12. The Laser beam acts as a guiding line to where the loudspeaker's axis is actually pointing. 

The Quick Mount is compatible with a wide range of commercially available pen-type Laser pointers (up to 16mm 5/8" diameter).

The Quick Mount is made of a Stainless steel spring and attaches to the BT-12 by the use of two Neodymium magnets and centering pins, precisely engaging with the hex socket heads of the top bolt shafts.

Quick Mount

The Laser Mount position and thus the Laser beam always stay parallel to the speaker's projection axis.

Laser Mount position  Aiming  Laser Mount

Aiming the Laser beam (by tilting the BT-12) at the point you wish the speaker's axis to hit, will ensure that the speaker is closely enough aimed at that highlighted point.

Using a Laser pointer with this special Quick Mount enables fast and accurate aiming of your speakers by seeing exactly where their 'hot spot' is.

Laser Mount


1. The special Quick Mount is supplied on its own, without a Laser pen/pointer.

2. We recommend the use of any green Laser pointer of up to 10mW.

3. The Quick Mount is detachable from the BT-12, so only one unit is needed for  
the setting up of multiple BT-12s.

4. See more details in the Quick Mount user manual ( (286KB PDF) and ordering information here .