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SPL Lobe at 10°


This is a general example of an SPL lobe of HF out of an average FR loudspeaker, properly tilted for a low & flat seated audience. Note how by down-tilting the cab (by only 10° in this case), the SPL gradient is brought to closely tangent the listening zone throughout the audience depth, thus greatly improving the level consistency over a wider area of listeners.

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Overall dimensions: 260*120*110mm (10.25" *4.75"*4.3")
Net weight (one adaptor): 1.7kg (3.75lb)
Stand/pole & Loudspeaker Top hat diameter: 35mm (1-3/8")
Load capacity: 45kg (100lb)
Tilting angle range (up/down): 0 -12º
Virtual COG height: 285mm (11.22")
Loudspeaker COG height compatibility: 200 – 360mm (8" – 14")
Max. Horizontal shift of (virtual) COG: 2mm (0.08")
Max. Vertical shift of (virtual) COG: 6mm (1/4")
Construction material: Steel
Color and finish: Black fine textured PU paint.
Package:Two units in two foam inserts per carton

*Note: There may be some stiffness of the moving parts at first due  
to close tolerances. This will loosen in a short period of use.

**Note::  Actual design, specifications or appearance of product is
subject to change without notice and may differ from  
published or previous products.

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