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"To BT-12, Or Not To Be…"
Or, How the BT-12 came aboutBT-12Closeup

In most SOS (Speaker on Stick) installations, loudspeakers are raised above the heads of the audience to enable better dispersion of the sound to the farthest listeners while at the same time eliminating excessive sound levels for the closer audience.
In many instances it is also beneficial to tilt the loudspeaker up or down, as the situation dictates / requires. This enables better control of the loudspeaker's coverage, focusing the sound (mainly the high frequencies) in the desired area.

By tilting a loudspeaker, its output can be better directed to the audience area, giving:

  1. More uniform coverage
  2. Reduced reflections from surrounding surfaces or ceilings
  3. Reduced acoustic feedback
  4. Improved intelligibility
  5. Better utilization of the system's output

For some years I have been using variable angle tilting adapters of the ‘Rotate to Angle’ type at various SOS (Speaker on Stick) installations.
While enjoying the possibilities and benefits of proper vertical aiming of the cabs, I was always bothered by the lessening of the stand’s stability and safety caused by the COG (Center of Gravity) shift as a result of the tilt, as well as the awkwardness of manipulating these devices.

This led me to the development of a new adaptor. One that would keep the cab’s COG over the stand’s pole at any tilt angle and would be safe, easy and intuitive to use.

The result is the BT-12, in which the tilting action is acquired by movement of specific geometry that very closely follows a virtual arc about the COG of the speaker.

This, incorporated into a sturdy and reliable mechanism offers a unique set of features, not available on other existing tilters.

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Who is behind the BT-12


My name is Nimrod Webber,
I invented, developed and designed the BT-12
(The design is patent pending)

I am a Practical Mechanical Engineer with a wide technical background. I have been involved in sound-related mechanics and electronics for many years.
I have gained good practical experience through building, installing, operating, and repairing sound reinforcement and lighting equipment and systems.
Being on the practical side of these areas gives me the advantage of having first hand and immediate grasp of the different problematic points, and a straight forward approach to relevant solutions. 
The BT-12 is one of my many solutions and innovative ideas.
The BT-12 is a well thought out and engineered design, and has been thoroughly and successfully tested in many installations.

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